John Henry Newman: Theologian for the Contemporary Church

Saturday 21 May 2011 at Sarum College, Salisbury

This conference will highlight John Henry Newman’s importance as a pastor, preacher, theologian, educationalist and spiritual writer who has much to say to all Christians today.
Newman foresaw many of the challenges that face the contemporary Church, especially the atheistic attacks on faith to which he made a robust response. Newman also called for a spiritual renewal and a balanced theology of the church but in fact, there were few topics which he left untouched.

This conference will provide an opportunity to explore a number of them.


(Organiser) Dr Mervyn Davies
(Scholar-in-Residence, Sarum College and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, the University of Bristol) specialises in research supervision in Newman studies and has convened a number of national and international conferences on Newman’s life and work. His current research is on Newman and  Education and Church Leadership. His book Leadership for a People of Hope will be published in 2011.

(Keynote) Bishop Geoffrey Rowell (Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe) is a noted church historian and Newman scholar and has recently published an introduction to John Henry Newman’s Two Essays on Scriptural Miracles and on Ecclesiastical Miracles for the Millennium Edition of Newman’s works. He has participated in a number of conferences and symposia devoted to Newman’s theology.

Professor Peter Hampson (Professor of Psychology, University of the West of England and Research Scholar, Blackfriars, Oxford), is a cognitive psychologist who has published in the field of imagery, learning and memory, and neural network models of cognition. This work, combined with a parallel interest in the philosophy and psychology of religion, has led him to examine the psychology-theology relationship as part of the wider faith and reason debate.

David McLoughlin (Senior Lecturer in Theology at Newman University College in Birmingham) studied at Oscott College, the Gregorian University, Rome, and Cambridge. An Honorary Lecturer at Birmingham University, he is also the former President of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain and former Vice President of the European Association of Catholic Theology. He serves as a consultant to lay apostolic movements and religious congregations.

Mgr Roderick Strange (Rector, the Beda College, Rome and former Catholic Chaplain to Oxford University) has written, broadcast and lectured extensively on Newman including a recent biography, John Henry Newman – A Mind  Alive.

Dr Joyce Sugg (formerly of Newman University College, Birmingham) has written and edited a number of books on Newman’s life and work, including his letters, and has lectured widely on Newman.

Fee: £60, including lunch and refreshments. Sarum College also offers overnight accommodation, subject to availability. Booking contact Alison Ogden  -

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