Suplement to August-September 2013 issue 13-4

Pauline Jackson adds a postcript

In very snowy, icy and festive conditions we all visited the Mother of God orphanage in Cluj.  We were warmly greeted by Sister Bernardina and by some very excited children. Their little playroom was brightly decorated with a Christmas tree and a simple crib.  With Christmas just days away it was good to give the children presents and sweets.  One little boy didn't quite know what to do with his chocolate coins or even what they were!  The little girls were fascinated with the fancy-dress outfits and were suddenly transformed into Snow White and Cinderella.  The Sisters were delighted with the beautiful hand-knitted jumpers, hats, sweets and stationary.  £1000-00 was donated for heating, electricity and food.  Sister Bernardina and the Children from the House would like to thank you so very much ‘for your kind attention and charity that you continue to manifest for us’.

Fr. Joe, Kevin and I visited the Poor Centre and were kindly guided by the organisers, Marcela and Dana. We remembered the families we met last year and were so pleased to hear that the family, who were all suffering from TB and the mother from cancer, had been moved from their damp, crowded tenement-block room, out to the country.  With prayer good things do happen.  Warm clothing, blankets, Christmas gifts, sweets and stationary were all distributed and £2000-00 was donated to the Poor Centre.  Marcela and Dana send their heartfelt thanks.

Pauline Jackson
Parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Fareham and Gosport.

July - September 2018

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