Don-John Buckland receiving Gold Medal

Don-John Buckland KHS starting serving at the age of seven, regularly serving in many churches throughout the UK as a member of the Archconfraternity of St Stephen until at the age of fifteen when I joined the Royal Navy as a health professional (22 years) but continuing to serve the Church and Mass at every opportunity around the world which included Nova Scotia Canada, New York, New England, Florida and Bremerton USA also parts of the Caribbean to name but a few areas.

When a visiting Priest came to visit the ship, the sick bay or the dining hall were made available for Mass for which I set up and served; on one occasion the Helicopter hanger was used for Mass.

On my return to Portsmouth in 1980’s I served at St John’s Cathedral during the week and weekends at St Swithun’s to the present date.

I have also been based in Dubai during the Iraq/Iran war, Azerbaijan during its unrest and in Angola during the civil war working as a Medic.

I was given the privilege to serve in all the area’s and in particular Angola Soyo there was a great need for a maternity ward and the people of St Swithun’s Southsea had collections for the Nun’s in Soyo and on my return a new building was born, the women could now give birth in comfort and not in the jungle as before and the death rate of the new born fell.
One does not have right to serve, one is given the privilege to serve as it’s a vocation in life which I have done as a Medic tough out my working life and as a Member of the Archconfraternity of St Stephen.

I would invite every young person who has celebrated their first Holy Communion to consider serving the Church as a member of the Guild it is a great opportunity to build up your own faith and help other with there’s.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ be your constant companion to inspire you to bring many souls to him as St Stephen the first martyr and patron of the Guild did for us.
In Christ.
Yours DJ

July - September 2018

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