‘You shop, we drop’ must be one of the most bewitching positioning statements of all time. It’s so clever. Hopefully the marketing guru who came up with that idea is now retired, deservedly languishing on some desert island, free of all cares. Job done!

The terms ‘marketing’, ‘outreach’, ‘evangelisation’ – all concerned with getting the word out there – come under the one common banner. I remember asking, ‘What is marketing?’ at one point in my career. I suppose I could have asked, ‘What is evangelisation?” instead. To this day I remember the immediate, peremptory reply: ‘What isn’t?’ Then the flood gates opened and I was hit with an absolute deluge of topics ranging from dealing with routes to market, enquiries, phone calls, corporate literature, the offer, company strapline, its branding, packaging … the list went on and on.

Do we think of PP as an exercise in marketing? I suppose we could. I suppose we do. For, apart from PP being the mirror in which we see ourselves, PP is the window through which we are seen by others.

I’ve been trying to think of a suitable positioning statement to complement the wordy strap ‘Life-style magazine for those practising or interested in the Catholic faith’. Perhaps you can help by suggesting something particularly canny. In the meantime I sign off with Portsmouth People …in witness whereof as I prompt you to keep hold, turn the page and read on.

Jay Kettle-Williams


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